100 Days - [Hardcore Minecraft]

เผยแพร่เมื่อ 15 ก.ย. 2019
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Minecraft Hardcore Mode is the HARDEST version of Minecraft without a doubt. Creepers spawn more often. Skeleton arrows do more damage. And Zombies can call upon the horde. Most notably of all though, if you die in Hardcore Minecraft, you die forever. Your world is deleted. *Minecraft theme plays at MAX VOLUME*Subscribe today!!
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C418 - Minecraft
Daniel Rosenfeld

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  • 100 Days is for everyone if you want to make your own, do it!

    • im anoob in minwcraft

    • I’m doing beach biome only. It is suffering.

    • @thatoneguythatuploadsstuff I’m in day 264 I think

    • Why was this video made 1 year ago but you made this comment 1 month ago???

    • Yea right

  • I was waiting for him to make the three walls 50 meters tall ngl

  • 🤤 da day... 2 zzz

  • First wall is named sina second wall is rose wall maria was taken by mobs

  • Luke went from thinking a lantern was a flex till now he thinks having a house out of emeralds and full enhanced armor isn’t a flex

  • this half hour is worth my time

  • 100 days: sometimes you got to forget about vanity it’s all about surviving 2000 days: Screw Surviving it’s all for vanity

  • On day 25 your level was 25, W H A T

  • Yes

  • 28:51 i have no words

  • Can you do a 200 days?

  • 28:51

  • Him basically knowing it was alive aswell

  • Horse despawns with saddle on it Him not caring even though it took about 40 days to get


  • Ive watched this video like 30 times now and everytime i remember something different from the video i love the content

  • The og man

  • This is like my third time watching the series this week

  • The fact that he can respawn purposely but he doesn’t it shows he truly cares about the rules of hardcore

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  • This seems like how Mojang would like u to play, safe, of course tho, nobody does that

  • i fell alsleep while watching this

  • Why were you on level 39 and then on level35

  • Luke play fortnite for once!!!LOL!!!!!!!!!!!! 😖😖😖😖😖😖😖😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Luke:this is exactly why I'm clearing it out Also luke on day 22:*doesn't cut tree's *

  • We salut this video!

  • Luke could you do a face reveal for us?????????its ok if you don't want to😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔

  • I'm not allowed I'm a child so yeah I can't

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  • Hardcore mode just puts the song don't mine at night to a whole other level

  • This is one of the best videos

  • I nearly had a heart attack cuz I dident know zombies could break down doors in hardcore and when it happened I stopped played for like 2- 3 weeks

  • Smart move. It's good to be a trend starter. And you can do it again, you're creative.

  • i watched @Fru 's 100 to 500 days series and then came here

  • Normal People: "Milk" LTN: "White Stuff"

  • This video is the exact definition of manifest destiny

  • hello luke, i love your 100, 200, 300 and 1000 days of hardcore minecraft, im about half way through 2000, i watch your vids on my tv and i love them, could u keep on going with it pls?

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  • How did u know I was jealous about ur treasures 🙄🤚

  • Whenever I start a minectaft world I just find a village and build a house and dont mine for a bit

  • 4-9-21

  • Can't believe this was over a year ago also 69k comments nice

  • This was made on my birthdate :))

  • He had an enchanted golden apple.... he said it was worthless.....

  • @LukeTheNotable how did you get the notch apple those can save your life because they're Overpowered

  • Team trees is mad at you now like really mad

  • So u can bring tors to 200days plz

  • Are you doing 3000 days

  • 30 mins perfect

  • I really like this series, and so does, like, five sixths of my family! I was just wondering- which seed is this? I'd quite like to try it myself.

    • he said it in one of his tours, i don't remember if it's 300 or 1000 days tour

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  • Normal people drink milk in minecraft Luke TheNootable:WHITE STUFF

  • I have watched these series the 100 days to 2000 days series like 17 times i love it toooo much no joke i lobe it 😍😍😍😍😍

  • Yes god king luke Luke TheNotable Luke TheNotable Luke TheNotable pin me pls

  • “Nothing important” Notch apple

  • Oh my God 1000,000 likes just triple that and that is pretty much your scribers

  • he said not to worry about vanity look at all the other 100 days the expand and decorate

  • Imagine watching other 100 days of hardcore and not knowing who Luke is. Your videos are awesome.🖤🤣👑

  • Is he trying to make wall shina , rose and Maria from attack on titan

  • 6:31 lol

  • donald trump wants to know youre location

  • Spoilers btw Everyone: don't build with just gems in minecraft LTN: Am I a joke to you (Build a million story EMERALD house)

  • "I'm known to get lost so I'm not gonna venture out to far" Day 2000:"Hi today were gonna go across the world"

  • 19:21 😏

  • You know it's surprising that he was risking his life on day 2 but still survived for 2000

  • This video was sponsored by the wall

  • Hold up wait a minute it took him 80 days to go to the nether

  • Luke going into the nether on 100 days: eh scary pig guy. Luke going into nether on 2000 days: HAHA ELYTRA GO BRRRRRRRRRRRRrr

  • he said game 94 instead of day 94


  • Lol And I ate bread before bed......even though my mom told me not to

  • This was 2019? wow a while ago yet so popular.

  • 19:31 nice'

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  • Wow one mill

  • I remember coming back from a school and watching this banger of a video

  • I play hardcore on Xbox

  • The guy who started the SURVIVING 100 DAYS IN MINECRAFT HARDCORE trend....

  • "There's no pen for them yet, they just live in the inner wall" Me: *Attack on Titan flashbacks

  • Anyone re-watching this because its such a great series

  • Re watching the series ❤️

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  • the start of a amazing playthrough

  • This man made DIORITE look good

  • Him on day 11 : some bread and other things, full iron armor and a amazing house Me on day 11 : some armor I got from a zombie, a cobblestone house with half a roof and a grass floor, *I N F I N I T E B R E A D*

  • im not jealous i have 61 diamonds but im jealous about your emaralds i have 0 emaralds

  • The voice is so relaxing 😎

  • i watch this every month, to motivate me to start another short hardcore world

  • rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr rrrrrrrrrrrrr

  • when luke says on day 11" its all about survival not vanity"also luke 2000 days its not about survival anymore just vanity

  • Even more Walls...

  • How did his compass work without a load stone???

  • My best is 8 days

  • Luke: theres a lot of trees in the forest! Me: yea Sherlock

  • Prediction he does 3,000 days and dies on the 3,000th day

  • This dude didn't know that he had made a trend EVERYONE milks .... and also the best Minecraft series ever.

  • My 3rd attempt for hardcore MI was stupid I was stupid you stupid ya que Sality I want them into the cave and a dad cause I didn't wear any armour I didn't get any armour

  • 69k N I C E

  • if I said something wrong it is because I am Brazilian

  • What's this seed