아이린 IRENE - 흰 밤 A White Night Official M/V

เผยแพร่เมื่อ 22 ก.พ. 2021
아이린 IRENE - 흰 밤 A White Night Official Music Video
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  • Let's everyone keep stream Irene - The Only MV

  • White night #30 Future #21 All without promotion~

  • Just report hate comments~ don't give them attention. Oh yeah, congrats to Lady Irene again. Luvies bought her a land on Scotland.

  • I'm watching this over and over again. Just can't never get bored with this. Their chemistry is no joke, and her voice sounds so calming and angelic. My bae is a whole complete package 😘❤️

  • 배주현 네가 웃으면 나도 좋아💝

  • I know she's wonderful if only Sment give her a chance to express and shar her talent :(

  • Irene so talented

  • baetokkis, let's ignore the hate coment and report them as spam instead :)

  • somebody knows where to watch this movie? it was not aired on VIU :( please tell me if you know. thanks! :)

  • Ireneeee💗

  • Han yeoreumui bam Jam mot iruneun bam Neul gateun haruharu eoje Oneul tto jinaga Byeol hemaeneun bam Eodun bameul jina Sae harureul junbihaneun saramdeul Itaewon negeori bamhaneure dari Ttaseuhan maeumgati haiyahge bichnanda Deullineun punggyeong sori huimihan dalbit sori Tto dalgwa gati haiyahge oreunda Nawa gati geudaewa gati Haiyahge eueum bichnanda Nun naerineun bam Jam mot iruneun bam Amugeosdo boiji anhassdeon Nae gireul georeoga Han gyeourui bam Gipeun bameul jina Sae achimeul junbihaneun saramdeul Itaewon negeori bamhaneure dari Ttaseuhan maeumgati haiyahge bichnanda Deullineun punggyeong sori huimihan dalbit sori Tto dalgwa gati haiyahge oreunda Nawa gati geudaewa gati Haiyahge eueum bichnanda Nanana na na nana na na nana Nanana na na nana na na nana Nanana na na nanana na na Tto dalgwa gati haiyahge oreunda Nawa gati geudaewa gati Haiyahge eueum bichnanda

  • Baetokkis do you still watch this video? 💖

    • @Lanny JTH-WR I wish everyone are with us when it comes on str3aming.

    • @Leddeubelbet is my name yes. I keep watching her mvs and wendy 😂 they are my go to watch mvs everyday

    • Yas!

  • Irene is so perfect!! 😍😍

  • 💖💖💖💖💖

  • 509,030 04/09/21

  • I dont mind the background. I was mesmerized by Irene’s beauty. 😩💗🥺

  • Irene, We will keep loving you everyday.

    • Always and forever

    • Count me in

  • irene really looks like seo jihye

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  • She should sing more 😆❤️

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  • IRENE best girl

  • IRENE best girl

  • but she bully somebody. i don't like it

    • @Arifa Rahman do you know the victim to say why she do things? No. But if you supposedly read her statement then i supposed you also read when she said APOLOGY ACCEPTED, CASE CLOSED AND NO MORE MALICIOUS COMMENTS, right? So why you don't do what she literally told you? Don't be hypocrite and only choose to talk about the bad but and ignoring when everything was resolved. Especially since the victim NEVER said she was bullied.

    • where not saying she's right, but please look at her good side too! there's a lot of people who stand up with her. how warm she is. but we, luvies will love her! no one's perfect. even you

    • @Arifa Rahman First of all, bullying includes intentional repetitive verbal or physical harassment. A one time physical abuse is called physical assault. What irene did clearly was none of it. She met with people for a work schedule, which means it's the first time something like this happens. In fact, she worked with the same person once before couple years ago, and that person praised her and wished she treated her better. Yet, she wrote it's her first time meeting irene, which is very suspicious. At the same time, this means irene isn't someone who "abuses her power" or treats people in general badly. Their must be something that triggered an argument. What irene did was at most called being rude, but that can't be guaranteed neither since we never heard what happened. If you are taking what the person wrote in their instagram, you wouldn't be able to make good judgments on your life. What that person wrote included emotions only. There are many people with huge egos who can't take criticism. Especially people who worked for a long time in the same profession. What she said was more of rant to a friend, yet she made it public so she would take revenge on irene as she said. In conclusion, people are taking this way out of context because she irene, and because she is a woman. People who actually bullied others didn't take a break, and received no hate. Tells you why this whole situation is messed up.

    • i read the statement of victim. it's clearly show she was way to much harsh.if it's argument that victim will not create problem cause argument is always situation matter but how that victim response sure it was bully.

    • You can research about it. Think before you judge someone. Dont live like that

  • Half a million views. More more

  • Miss you my girl :(

  • Whenever I can’t fall asleep, I put this on. Irene has a perfect lullaby voice.

  • I wanna watch this movie, anyone please share the link ☺

    • On Viu, iQiyi

  • Happy 0.5m luvies ♡ Let's keep going for Baechu

  • Irene unnie

  • irene!!!

  • There are only 2 BAE that I love a lot. They both have this stunning visuals that overshadowed their talents. They are still working hard to prove that they don't just have the visuals and their talents deserve to be recognized as well. BAE Joohyun y'all just did it. I can't wait to hear your loud laughs and beautiful smile again. We're waiting with respect.


  • I miss unnie Bae😢😢😢i want to watch this 🎥🎥🎥

  • She did really well for her debut film. I could see her change in character as she strived for her goal and being wooram's emotional support was nice to see. My personal favorite scenes were when she had her first meal with wooram and when she was in the auditorium...watch the film to see why :D

  • happy 500k, baeby!

  • 502,444 04/07/21

  • Happy 500K! Let's get 1M!


  • netflix please put the movie on your website


  • Irene you are hardworking. you are strong. you are kind. you are talented. you are unique. you are popular. you are loved. you are worth it. you are sun, our moon, and our stars. you are deserve all the love you are deserve all the support

  • seulgi : unnie always say she wanted to be remembered as warmhearted person, she's really warmhearted and good at taking care of the people around her, it's as a shame that you will not see that if you're not close to her

  • Came here while watching Wendy like water mv

  • Can’t wait to watch the movie on 17th april See you soon bae juhyun 💗💗💗💗💗

  • Movie name please???!

  • Yeayyyy 500k !!!

  • 500k!!

  • 220 more for 500k!!

  • 499781!

  • Always by your side Irene

  • Miss Bae

  • Good girl

  • Best women

  • Beautiful girl

  • Semangat meraih impian

  • I love you so much Irene

  • Irene unnie saranghaeyo

  • Keep streaming Irene - The Only

  • Let's go to 1M views...... luvies fighting

  • We miss you our leader

  • I love you IRENE

  • I love you Bae Joohyun

  • Irene😍😘😘

  • IRENE best girl

  • Double Patty izlemek istiyorumm..

  • Her gece dinlemeden uyuyamıyorum.. Daha çok izlenmesi lazım..

  • we love u irene

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  • My heaven

  • Sesi huzur lidomuz

  • Irene best women

  • I miss her .

  • Her voice makes me feel calm..💖 Singer Actress Irene 🥰 Bae Joohyun 🥰💖🎉

  • Her şeyi mükemmel bu kadinin

  • she's so beautiful

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  • 1M we can do it little by little.

  • Tanrıça mübarek

  • Of of kaslara bak maşallah

  • Ah ah yanarım yanarım hala bu filmi izleyemediğime yanarım

  • Sesinde aşk var bi ben duyuyorum

  • O nasıl bir makarna reklamı

  • Seni unutmadım aşkım


  • Irene best ♡

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  • so close to 500k

  • Lets appreciate juhyun's voice here

  • Falling in love with her voice



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