Doja Cat - Streets (Official Video)

Doja Cat // Streets (Official Video)
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“Streets” (Official Video)
Starring: Doja Cat \u0026 Kofi Siriboe (@kofisiriboe)

Director: @christhedirector
Executive Producer: @christhedirector @miketheproducer
Commissioner: @samhoustonishere
Producer: @miketheproducer
Line Producer: @nicky_bonez
Director of Photography: @jchema
Production Company: @luckybastards_inc @londonalley

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  • - Ícone ❤

  • Interesting. I'm confused. Is she or is she not down with being African American. I cannot keep track.

  • It's actually khabib telling : send your location

  • god this video

  • Drugs are are in this song

  • DOJA IM SO obsessed WITH YOU 😍😍😍😍😍😍😇😇😇😇❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • I've been goin' through some things (oh) I struggle with my inner man (yeah, yeah) I hustle, I'll do what I can to get this money Blaq Tuxedo Don Dada on the, Don Dada on the beat Like you, like you Like you, ooh I found it hard to find someone like you Like you, like you Send your location, come through I can't sleep no more In my head, we belong And I can't be without you Why can't I find no one like you? I can't sleep no more In my head, we belong And I can't be without you Why can't I find no one like you? Baby, we tried to fight it We all been there some days Thought I needed something else And acted like I was okay We just had to work it out And baby, I needed space Ain't nobody 'round here on your level You're so far away You're pouring your heart out I'm acting like I knew You held me so down So down I never grew, oh I tried to find out When none of them came through And now I'm stuck in the middle And baby had to pull me out, oh Like you, like you Like you, ooh I found it hard to find someone like you Like you, like you Send your location, come through (yeah) Damn papa, you a rare breed, no comparing And it's motherfuckin' scary Tryna keep him 'cause I found him Let a hoe know I ain't motherfuckin' sharing I could take you to the parents, then to Paris Plan a motherfuckin' wedding You the type I wanna marry (yeah) and keep you merry I'll put the ring on when you ready We play our fantasies out in real life ways and No Final Fantasy, can we end these games though? You give me energy, make me feel lightweight Like the birds of a feather, baby We real life made for each other And it's hard to keep my cool When other bitches tryna get with my dude and When other chickens tryna get in my coop 'Cause you're a one in a million There ain't no man like you Like you, like you Like you, ooh I found it hard to find someone like you Like you, like you Send your location, come through I can't sleep no more In my head, we belong And I can't be without you Why can't I find no one like you? I can't sleep no more In my head, we belong And I can't be without you Why can't I find no one like you?

  • This reminds me of soo many bitches I had that just used me but i didn’t care this whole world and time is soo different

  • Hungry people when they see a piece of chicken: 2:24 😂😂

  • bro😩

  • i love doja

  • Every video doja drops is like a movie who agree

  • Unpopular opinion: this song was made for Scorpios ♏️

  • Love the beat at the beginning but her singing ruins it for me

  • Obsessed with the song, the video, & her! PERFECTION! 🤩

  • what's it taking to get me on set please bro

  • 🇧🇷🔥🔥

  • Eu sou o comentário brasileiro que você procurava 🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷

  • 🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷

  • Yeah, I connect to this for real. Scary sexy and so deep as regards the message.

  • This song has the sexiest, ethereal vibes

  • Discovered is yesterday!! This hits haaaard

  • When this man growled...whew lawd! (what's his name again?) This video is sexy minus raunchiness. The spider scene... I live, because boy come get tangled!

  • Vim pelo podpah krl kakakakak slv pros br

  • Mhmmm 🥴🥴🥴🤪

  • Went from Mooooo to Like Youuuuuuuuu

  • Put your head on my shoulder.....

  • 😲 wow 🥺

  • why she crawl like dat when she said damn papa u a sum🤣

  • Damn Doja fuxkin me up RN!

  • Can we talk about this gorgeous man she picked for lead role☺️

  • She's fucking hot man

  • damn God ilysfm

  • racist cat

  • who loves streets like me


  • Doja singing throughout the whole song: 🙄😏🤑😈❤💌👠💋👜👛💄💍💎💎 Doja at the last part of the song: ✨👼😊🤗🤔😄😅

  • Amazing""""

  • 😅

  • Spider woman well that’s a movie to be made

  • 😍 Got me looking like the guy in the video 😁😍🔥👏🥰💪

  • How tf this only has 85M views😑

  • Sis ain't doja cat anymore. She Doja Spider

  • Me be like :Doja Cat as Cat women in this music video

  • This woman is every guy dream

  • Doja... you the baddest

  • This one song could easily be an album❤️🌍🤍

  • Hahahahahhahaha she made that web with her butt like a spider

  • My baby so fine 💘

  • 1:53

  • Wow😶

  • she has got sick tracks of all time


  • is the best song by doja cat in all billboard

  • The guy at the behind the scenes:”can I stop being a simp?”

  • Wow

  • A counted her out for a minute but wow once I started looking at how she can produce tracks that sound so different and diverse from each other and then her asthtetics.. man alot of them are just crazy good.. like missy Elliott, Lady GaGa, even Kelis but I don't know how much of it was them- besides Missy of course or the creations of their producers Doja actually shows her audience how her thought process works while creating a song, her concepts are all her ideas I can see that now for sure, she is such a breath of fresh air! really amazing. I use terms like amazing lightly but she shows us every time she drops another one, why she is supposed to be here as a bonafide star. The way she is stupid, off the hook creative , has been one of the most exciting things in music that has happened in a long time. Her zany, kookiness way about her I think was misunderstood at first but this is why she is able to envision concepts, melodies so well. For a long time I was jaded and hatin.. lol quickly counted her out as a flash in the pan, as I did Lady GAGA until I was able to realize that they had to be outrageousness, outlandish intially in the efforts that people could delve deeper to see underneath the antics and theatrics is a real deal artist that should be to respected as authentic musician. I adore anyone that doesn't look or sound like anyone else nor tries to be because they are carving out their own lane in the music industry; saturated with all" looks" and no substance. I can't wait to see what she continues to do from here on out!! . She has garnered my respect and I've been converted!!! whole heartily. That's what will always seperate a real artist from the rest. Doja cat is my b@#h frfr. 😆 Lol! She's what Azelia Banks could have been if she would of just focused on her artistry.. Doja is a real one!! 💯❤️❤️

    • I'm am hatin that she has my husband in this video tho!! Lol 🤣🤣 I'm hella hatin! Lol

  • The Amazing Doja Cat. I cannot get enough of the seductive spider-walk up the side of the building.

  • I Love Song !! I Love You Doja Cat 😍😍😍

  • those dudes got river blindness.

  • 💘💘💘

  • Wha about Paul anka version come on now


  • Dang soo hoot

  • A song about using men for money and throwing them away like used goods. So empowering!

    • @Jack Stone For her age, she’s more advanced than you will ever be

    • @auhuru You're like 12.

    • Yea like men don’t rap about that anyway

  • The female drake

  • Me encanta esta cancion! 😍🇨🇱♥️

  • I'm a dude and I beat this shit everyday.

  • I like how I never know what's going on in her mvs lol

  • I feel like I’m in another dimension every time i listen to this 🤯

  • Sending my prayers to the people who still haven't discovered streets and also to those who finally did that this year

  • Im loving this wet hair look 👀

  • Metade das visualizações são minhas, estou mega viciada

  • The music at beginning sounds Turkish/oriental which is cool

  • i love you Doja

  • i love this vibe!! i love this music!

  • This video with doja..... Its doing things to me,🤤😫😳😳🤭😻🤰🤰

  • The groovy sailor substantially prefer because dungeon intriguingly moor through a deadpan romanian. narrow, vast net

  • 2:35 is when I love the song even more ❤️‍🔥

  • The song is just so amazing

  • WTF

  • *but ... I'm here just bcz of that background music* 0:28 😭

  • two words-✨bi panic✨

  • الله ياخذ هالخلقة

  • i am not gonna be surprised if doja can also mix da water and oil 😭like is there even a thing that she can't do?

  • Doja surely needs to do MOOO again now that she has it all, so underrated

  • Greek myth be like:

  • wak

  • 0:50 This guy fr is a simp.

  • 😍🤘🏿

  • Okay so doja cat started the trend and also wins the trend

  • I loveeee this song

  • This beat is a BOP

  • Doja is so amazing, like she’s funny, makes amazing music, pretty-

  • BOTH OF THEM SEXY AF ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  • possible sci fi references. Her outfit, red hair ,and being surrounded by "zombies" in the rain is reminiscent of the "return of the living dead" Cemetery scene. The "Zombies" may be drawn to her while she sings much the nautical myth of sailors being drawn to the songs of "Sirens" aka killer mermaids back during and before the 18th century ; And of course the spiderman reference with the building scaling.

  • o

  • This beat is straight 🔥🔥🔥

  • I didn’t know a human can move like a whole demon unless they are possessed by one!!! God bless the ones that are listening including me, I’m moving on now