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  • Those were some funny ass clips

  • Hahaha!

  • Every month.... watching this after his video leaving THreds for while

  • “Next month” first video of may, “the end”😕💔

    • Well guys, you're in luck.

    • @Vladimir Costav yeah but he didn’t say for how long

    • rip is he stopping yt?

  • There lobster most likely didn’t come back to life, she probably poked a nerve in it that sparked the reaction

  • Noah pretending he and other streamers don't cheat on COD! 🙈🙈🙈

  • Hearing Noah say, "I love Jerma" is so perfect.

  • Dude couldn’t operate a handheld can opener 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Ok I don’t get 8:14 and why it’s so funny... Someone explain I don’t play war zone

  • Noah should've been on the google page for perfect hairlines.

  • he did not get 10k likes

  • 16:29

  • am i the only person that watched Noah sense the big ramps in gta with the lambo

  • Snakeskin boots in the background of the intro hits hard im not gonna lie

  • anyone want to do the shadows of evil easter egg. I need 3 people :) playstation- NateVams

  • We need more of these. Love to see it.

  • The landing on someone's vehicle and piping them in the back of the head. Done that before in warzone myself. It's like mine now fool. The helicopter car take down with car wasn't funny. That was just awesome. The rest was funny though.

  • Can someone explain what happens at 4:45?

  • More of these pleasee!!!! Mad funnyy

  • If you guys want to give me more money without me doing any actual work besides editing, watch my reaction videos! - NoahJ456

  • Hi I'm a band new subscriber and I love watching noah

  • Yes, play zombies with x again

  • That was so cool seeing Noah watch Mizkif clips ahh now thats good content

  • 10:20 american moment

  • Hey man you should do some funny videos from Zombies. Also I think I hold the best nexfil time on D machine at 0.1 seconds

  • I really hate the new preview on the videos....

  • Its hard to hear the clips when you talk you have to turn your voice down a little please

  • I like the Shadows Music

  • The girl cleaning lobster lives in an apartment that's probably a bedroom, kitchen and toilet all in the same area.

  • When noah carries ur views

  • can you please play zombies with xqc?(:

  • Noah can you do a cooking stream just to show that there's normal streamers plz

  • You should watch the speed runs for the God of war series lol they're pretty cool

  • 6:30 plz!!! Play with him, Noah!!!

  • 3:25 Noah,"I gotta say, Korean and Japanese streamers are the funniest!". Mean while SEA:"am I a joke to you"?

  • Do one every 3 months instead. Better quality that way 😁

  • Smash the like button!!!

  • Ah, Noah, at this point the like goal has been obliterated 5 times over.

  • 5mil who else from 2mil

  • 15:10 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • This is great

  • When you don't know the difference between Archeology and Geology 😂😂😂

  • Yo NoahJ, been watching you long before your 1st H1Z1 game on the channel been supporting the channel with plenty of views an likes, what are your thoughts on maybe an outriders stream?

  • Apparently bikes are cars now...

  • Noah why don't you join the no pixel gta rp

  • 11:47 I’ve done that

  • Gotta start making more videos like this . soooo close to 5 mill NOAHJ456

  • Noah should play no pixel gta rp

  • Is that Mizkif at 0:12 ?

  • My man oogling rosalina clip, seriously made me choke, and ugly laugh

  • can you just do funny clips from GTA RP that would be such a good vid

  • Noah the whole time: I love this streamer!!


  • Bring back sellout streams!!!

  • Yes gimme more

  • Noah please don’t associate yourself with xqc he’s a terrible human.

  • The Sips clip. 🤦🏻‍♂️

  • Did anyone else’s soul leave at 2:20

  • Ive seen someone get helicoptered before and yeah those blood splatters are spot on. Not a pretty sight

  • noah love ur vids been waching sinse first vid

  • That 12 hr stream was lit

  • Sadly I’m not in here

  • React to Jevs ragetages

  • The origins wr got beaten, you should react to it

  • Hey Noah, I love your vids I stay up till like 8 in the morning watching your vids hope your doing well. Hope to catch you streamin soon

  • only liked nick eh 30 when he played tlou mp he sold out bad dont blame him if he's earning p but not content for me anymore

  • Fun fact: Lobsters cannot die from aging and therefore the only ways for them to die is for them to starve, suffocate, dehydrate, or be killed.

    • Humans so jealous of Lobsters immortality that we want to kill them instead

  • I like it

  • 4:19 a literal clown car

  • I need a reaction to just NoPixel GTA RP clips. They are hilarious af.

  • This video showed why fortnite is for kids 😂

  • i looked up the google roast thing about peter and its not photo shopped

  • No ludwig sad ☹️

  • Yooo don’t roast sips like that

  • Yo we need more of these

  • Yea man make this a monthly regular

  • This content belongs on NoahJAFK

  • What’s the original video?

  • You gonna link the original video bro or...?

  • That was amazing 😂😂😂

  • Next Month Do Zombie memes Compilation

  • I need More

  • Can we get a new sellout stream compilation every month😐

  • You should do Smash Bros livestream Sundays

  • 6:29 yes please

  • 8:54 KNUT GANG

  • You should do previous years

  • Funniest clips of 2021... bro... we only in the 4th month.

  • 4:40 MY STREAMER PogU Chinning

  • 😭🦞😭🦞😭🦞😭🦞😭🦞😭🦞😭🦞😭🦞😭🦞😭🦞😭🦞😭🦞😭🦞😭🦞😭🦞😭🦞😭🦞😭🦞😭🦞😭🦞😭🦞😭🦞😭🦞😭🦞😭🦞😭🦞😭🦞😭🦞😭🦞😭🦞😭🦞😭🦞😭🦞😭🦞

  • The more I think about it video games might be bad that kid in the fortnite clip screaming is proof why parents hate kids playing games I play lots of games but that goes to show ima be a failure

  • No I do you should do GTA or role-play

  • Respect for the shadows of evil music in the beginning

  • A grown man dosent know what nerves are

  • Noah you been watching a lot of Breaking Bad content recently? lolol

  • Its time to play dying light 2 the game is out.

  • To be fair I have had issue with hand cracked can openers lol. They are easy but I always forget how you use it lol. I know I'm dumb dont worry

  • Stop reacting to the same clips.

  • I’m a simple man I see Mizkif I click

    • Sweetkif

  • lmao you put mizkif in your intro