Hooked Giant Fish on a Bridge

เผยแพร่เมื่อ 6 พ.ค. 2021
We found a giant cobia swimming around a bridge in Virginia. I tossed an eel at the fish and it took the bait!

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  • Didn't land it

  • The one that got away no video no proof

  • That’s a boat, not a bridge. I know they both start with “B” but come on.

  • Another WASTED minute of my life

  • Why'd u cut off the film dude!! 👎👎👎👎👎

  • Is that the Chesapeake Bay bridge

  • I hate when that happens and you don’t catch the fish

  • You dummy’s didn’t show the fish!!!!!???? Wtf!

  • Come on show the landing!!!!

  • this bridge looks like the bridge which is in south padre island, doesnt it

  • Are giant Bass edible?

  • Why don't you show the catch???

  • Is that the Chesapeake bay Bridge?

  • 🦈?

  • Black tip craving attention like a teenage girl again. Sperry boys at it again.

  • Fishing: whyyyy... I got hold on.. Seer : *screaming*

  • おー上手い!って動画止めんといて 皆は続きを見たいんだから

  • L

  • These short videos suck I wanna see at least one of these fools land a fish

  • Stupid post

  • Mahi mahi???

  • Stupids

  • Pro tip: don't eat a burger if there's a giant alien right next to it.

  • Nice, what kind of fish was it.😎👍

  • Some delicious under the freeway sea food

  • Who cares about if he got the net did he catch the freaking Fish or what ?!?!?

  • On a bridge, or on a boat.. Or near a bridge..

  • きてないきてないきてないきてないきてない!!

  • Hooked don’t always mean caught 👁👄👁💅🏼

    • Shut up

  • I don't care how big the fish is. If you're spot fishing, there's no reason to be excited

  • If people dont just instinctively grab the net then why even bring them with.

  • Looks like a grouper

  • Wow

  • It got away

  • Best video of nothing I ever saw

  • Be quiet please

  • おーーーGOOD👍

  • โล'ล โก้.ก

  • Wtf is up with these clips and no climax of point lol

  • Must have gotten away...again. probably chummed too, you suck

  • what the hell kyle

  • What kind of fish was it?

  • Isn’t fish have feelings?

  • You obviously didn't catch that fish you poser. Probably lost your rod to a fish that's a bigger man than you will ever be

  • No cred for you! You no fish-- thus no video!!! You-- zero credit!!!

  • 切れない切れない切れない切れない切れない切れない!

  • Show us what u caught don’t leave us hanging

  • きてないきてないきてないきてない!w にしか聞こえんw

  • Cadê o final ? Aneim

  • Wtf man this the second time we didn't see the "big fish".

  • I love fishing so me sitting here watching this over and over again Me: 👀👁🙊😸💀💥

  • Cool man 🐟🐠🦐🐡🐙🐟🐠🦐🐡🐙🐟🦐

  • Ok i was ceting i fish to

  • Im a noob

  • Everyone's not catching successfully this same old fish in that same bridge, great trolling fish dude!

  • Mantap👍👍👍

  • what fish is that?

  • I think he meant “under” the bridge

  • Wow you are so Lucky

  • I believe you are on a boat sir!

    • You did not show you landing the fish cause you let it get away

  • Did he got the net though?

  • Don’t worry guys. He got the net

  • イールかな?


    • Where is the full vid

  • I believe you are on a boat sir!

  • Show the freaking fish!

  • I'm surprised he bit twice

  • Son of a

  • No not on a bridge the thing he's on its called a boat they float on water, water well that's the wet stuff the fish is in!

  • Do you mean onder the bridge

  • Disliked for not showing us you actually caught the fish smh

  • Short vedio..waste of time..stupid.. dislike and unsubscribe

  • きてない、きてない。

  • You did not show you landing the fish cause you let it get away

  • 😂

  • Kelam jugak

  • Where is the full vid

  • Subbed

  • キテナイキテナイキテナイ ホモホモ

  • 来てない来てない来てない来てない

    • Nice ending Chad

  • Where's the fish

  • That’s why I hate tik Tok. Always stopped when it’s getting interesting. Why we have those stupid contents in THreds

  • 来てない来てない来てない ほなほなほな上がってない上がってねぇ

  • 来てない来てない来てない来てない! 炎炎炎

  • Is my dude wearing crocs fishing?

  • Leave the bait... when fish eats bait... you set hook... what are you 12? stop spazzing it’s a fish you will catch a million in your lifetime if you actually try worthless video.

  • Name of lure

  • Wait..... On the bridge?

  • There on a boat

  • I hate you for not showing the fish caught 😒

  • You clearly were on a boat , not a bridge.

  • Where is the Fish?? 👎🏽👎🏽👎🏽👎🏽

  • きてないきてないきてないきてないオーイェー

  • Nice ending Chad

  • Was it a Cobia?

  • Why so many people on this boat and the only man just happened to be the dude fishing while all the women just scream, yell and attempt to give orders !?

  • Candice , post this full video please ?

    • 釣れたのかな?

  • Bad video

  • On a bridge?

  • WOW my friends