I SPECTATED WARZONE SOLOS but I can't tell if they're CHEATING or not

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  • Is it just me or did catboy move his view extremely fast exactly on target while stunned? 11:47

  • You stay saying people are cheating on war zone you might just suck I literally win all the time

  • sucks when u dont know if ur just watching good gp or a hacker

  • The more and more you play the more and more you just get annoyed with the game , I totally agree.

  • I think you needa be a professional announcer for something 😂😂

  • Do you wish to buy COD Warzone cheats? I suggest you google Veterancheats . They have multiple games/products including Cold War/Valorant and other .

  • Lmaooo i swear you run into all the hackers 😂 🔥💯❤️😎

  • We need ‘Theater Mode!’

  • The fuck was that ending? Every player was acting a fool, just complete chaos.

  • Why park looking like Mary read from ac4

  • 5:10 dude puts trophy in Bertha and then hops in jeep. Had me dying.

  • “With the high level play” 🤣🤣☠️

  • Tell me why everytime someone gets a spectator they start going sweat for no reason.

  • Jev I s just a gordon Ramsey a call duty

  • great vid

  • lol jev actually dodged the bullet 8:13

  • Jev maybe you should try rebirth

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  • No need for the random yelling

  • I came across your channel from a recommended video of you spectating like this one. I very much enjoy the commentary you provide while watching. i went through and watched some other videos and i can see the stress the game puts on you as you play, Its nice to see you enjoying something.

  • JEZZY if you’re reading this you’re ass at driving

  • “TiedMyShoe dropped by SidVicious” 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • 8:11 Jev casually dodges the shot

  • Talk about first world problems. I Dont want to sign for my package. Sheesh

  • Ohh wow how original

  • Is no one gonna talk about how he uses triangle angle and circle to activate his perk

  • For a sec in the outro i thight he had a dm ultra ax 50

  • Roze player with a riot shield 😔

  • I love you.

  • Challenge accepted: unlock dark aether

  • Dude's really got no content anymore

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  • I play SOLO and only what i can to tell you is that SOLO players are much better then others.

  • He’s using my favorite Park skin

  • The stuff he said about the Shield is facts

  • I love how so much shit happened when jev left

  • You can tell that guys cheating by watching 11:35 at .5 speed. He drags his scope to the window the guys about to peek without him peeking

  • Hey guys! I just started a twitch channel and would really appreciate a follow! Just trying to make it out the mud lol twitch: devinbaker_

  • not real FaZe member

    • are you 7?

  • The clammy outrigger daily happen because scanner joly rock a a crabby frog. five, mean price

  • Jokes on the riot shield guy I play snd, I'm a unit with thermites

  • I play on Xbox and being forced to do Cross-play is one reason why I stopped playing and will never go back to Call of Duty. Hacking software and hardware has been perfected over the years so well, that even anti-cheat software almost can never detect (soft) hackers.

    • literally just turn off crossplay

  • this isn’t related to the video at all but it’s actually so weird how it’s been a whole 8 years since i started watching jev. little 9 year old me was watching him scream his head off at call of duty and to this day i still die laughing at those same videos. especially the xbox messages videos, those were the best

  • Dude so nervous of you spectating that he forgets the uav and hops in the wrong car😂

  • JEZZY'S HERE TO TAKE LIVES!!!! Howling 😂😂

  • I want to see Jev do this on Apex

  • Challenge Accepted: The return of Amish Jev. Things only OG people will get.

  • 1:01 M60 is trash

  • Playback speed at 0.50 will show a drunk jev.\

  • glad i watched this to remind myself how much warzone sucks the BR not the multiplayer

  • 8:14 he channeled his inner K3

  • Jev cares so much about cod i love it❤️ never change Jason🐐

  • Use moby jas a chair

  • Idk why him spectating people is entertaining to watch haha

  • Let’s react to videos sometime and play WarZone bro. You deserve to be paid WAYYYYYYMOOREEE

  • @7:54 🐶🐶

  • Fuck THreds Pride

    • Yes

  • 8:54 non binary pride flag. they not him

    • tbf their name is catboy

  • 8:13 the head movement haha. I'm guilty of that too was funny to see someone else do it

  • That dude missed the UAV twice and then he threw a trophy system on the car he wasn’t going to use.🤭

  • Challenge accepted take a break form THreds for a bit. Jev ur burned out we can all see that ur tired and need a break please read this


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  • That first guys aim was ass

  • Jev should play life is strange

  • Day 4 of asking for a teach me how to multi song

  • I like your commentary but the way you skip around in your videos so much is REALLY annoying.

  • 8:12 he dodged the bullet😂

  • 10:13 oh wait a minute😂

  • 5:45 high level

  • Challenge acepted:do a Challenge acepted

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  • Just letting everyone know that you lose aim assist higher than 97 FOV

  • That fucking dude missed the UAV TWICE puts a trophy on his truck then jumps in the car

  • Challange accepted: make a nother ph comment video

  • Watching jezzy play gave me cancer

  • warzone is pathetic

  • I love when he gets hype after a kill and calls there name out XD 😂

  • 2:06 TUGA CARALHO 🇵🇹


  • Jev started the trend

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  • Love you Jev

  • This commentary is so close to Jon Anik commentating a UFC main event *i love it*

  • Catboy... that the hell

  • Bruh that guy should’ve Jusyt stayed there he had circle

  • Jev you look like a mountain man

  • play rebirth (or you cant do that)

  • My man looks like Jacksepticeye in that thumbnail

  • What did the dog say?: 6:09

  • he looks like a old hobo jacksepticeye

  • dude, just cast my life

  • What so he’s so bored of cod that he just watches other people play and what you guys just watch someone watch someone play? Isn’t that just sad?

  • My guy I swear they just need to add a neon filter over the entire black rose skin and crank that shit all the way up till it's not so bad your blinded by it and you can still see a clear outline. Seriously. It's bullshit. Just remove it from war zone altogether maybe. But they won't do that. :(

  • Jev when will you make different type of videos? No criticism but people have missed the challenge accepted videos, much love faze jev your videos are still amazing an I do watch, but maybe if you want you could do some different videos. Anyways that's just my opinion 💪💪

  • Jev walked away calm and came back pissed 😂

  • Killing that beard Jev, lookin like a badass

  • Gotta agree. Even watching you watch someone who's actually playing is more entertaining than actually playing.

  • I love the way you yell lmao

  • High level plays all day ,gotta fake out the enemy with that UAV