I spent a day with DREAM

เผยแพร่เมื่อ 8 มิ.ย. 2021
I spent a day w/ Dream to learn the truth about being the fastest growing Minecraft creator on the Internet.
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  • this was a lot of fun!! such an amazing interviewer


  • we got a jawline reveal, progress

  • Why do I have a feeling that’s not even dream…

  • Hi

  • does dream ALWAYS wear his mask?

    • Its fake obv

  • i want to talk to dream:(

  • Shut up!

  • Probably everyone or just me was looking at dreams mask whenever it blinks

  • Me: watching and realizing the it was a AI and not real

  • i’m not a dream fan like at all but imma watch this because i literally know about about him

  • So sad that a friend like george does’t know dreams face:(

    • I think its cause Dream really wants George to be surprised when he sees him for the first time :) (dont take my word for this I may be wrong)

  • So what were you looking at if the whole dream was an animation

  • when u talk to air imagining theres a perso n(what i mean is the dream in this video is animation so he recorded him talking to air and edited it)

  • fake

  • 0:08 szaszabi's subcriber lol

  • Dream and tap L ohhh my god to faiforit THredsrs

    • Sorry about the spelling s

  • Dream is sooooooo cool but receives so much bullshit

    • Lagwig and I'm ferst

  • I really want to see dreams face

  • I know that this is a real interview but why does dream look like he is an animation

  • Anthony may have seen his face lol

  • Guys dream mask is cursed its blinking and idk but its cursed

  • How does no one else see that that is just an edited image pasted over the chai. The interview itself is believable, but the fake dream lmao. Dream bad

  • Siema polska 😌

  • Dream if you Do a face revel I will be the happist person in the world

  • WAIT is this fake???

  • Imagine when they are talking and dream falls off his mask xD :)

  • The people who think Dream cheated need to 1. just respect him 2. deal with it its good content to watch during covid 3. watch this video

    • I agree with the last two but not the first. He cheated and a cheater should not be respected.

  • Woah ur hair is blonde

  • dream we need more manhunts

    • Je

  • I like dreams mask

  • Oh My Gosh Dream talks so fast

  • is that rlly dream orrr

  • Also why does dream mask looks like its animated so the other guy can see dream faces

  • Not fat enough

    • You know that picture of him wasn’t him

  • Please interview Technoblade

  • the mask is fake he just wanted to make people like it

  • I think dream face revealed but...

  • 0-0

  • When u get to know that dream mask was edited:

  • That cant be dream the neck looks like someone Drew it and the mask is stretching in a weird way

  • Why does drem look like a cartoon a little bit

  • i dont know, but i have the feeling that he was not there in presence, he's hair and face looked too much, you know, plastic

  • i wanna meet dream too...

  • I’m autistic and honestly masking is so hard- like I do it naturally but sometimes I have to try a lot harder and that’s one of the reasons why I’m having autistic burnout

  • ,

  • Isn't dream that guy who cheated?

  • Dream I know you're cursed Minecraft Skin it was black

  • Dream don’t do a face reveal the stans will find you

  • Dream looks fully Animated-

  • Pov: Anthony saw Dreams face

  • Everyone: Trying to find Dream's face Me: Noticing why Dream isn't moving

    • This is some stand in lmao. IF and only IF the leak is true (and I tend to believe it is, but thats just me) then Dream is an obese person.

    • Ohh now I realize

    • Lol

  • He cheated lloolloolloolloollolloolloololololooll L

  • Dweam and George😫🤌🏼

  • That's what the mask is that was the point of the mask is?!

  • if dream will die then covid will die

  • imagine his mask falls

  • It's an edit but he actually talk to him

  • Why does Honey sponsor every single video I see... am I the only one??

  • Wut Tf wus tht


  • At about 8:50 turn closed captions on and see what it calls sapnap lmaooo

  • This is interesting.........Please do more interview with more youtubers.

  • This is pog

  • lets all be truthful here we came here to see if dream reveals his face

  • We do mean it I think I saw that before the THreds that he is very stupid didn’t I want to broke my phone but that doesn’t that sound familiar

  • Is this fake?

    • The interview is real, but dream wasn't actually there in person. They edited in and animated a lifelike drawing of him in the other seat though, so that part is fake lol.

  • We’ve got a chin and hair reveal that will keep the fans quite for some time

  • i have Seen Dreams Face As i Live in His Area Some Years Ago Then I Shifted I have Seen his Face lol only his friends and I think I have seen I guess but I never met him but seen his face

  • Honestly I would go to a big event for dreams face reveal. That would be awesome.

  • Please spend a day with Eugenia Cooney.. 😕

  • dream is sus

  • Was this real dream has a cool mask

  • F in the chat for those who thought Dream was there lol

  • Did Anthony saw dream's face

  • Now show us his face 🔫😐

  • Techno did a face reveal and he gets fanart

  • Imagine cheating in minecraft

  • Notice how the movements under the mask don’t match him

  • Is that mask animated

  • Dream where you actual there

  • was dream really wearing a mask or you edit thta? couse it's look like youu edit that.

  • that mask is digital

  • Omg 😱😱😱 I am back to Smosh channel and Anthony has him own channel...and he's with dream...

  • It look fake

  • Plot twist: he is tommyinnit

  • Since he keeps his identity hidden does he even have any IRL friends

  • I just realized his mask is photoshop. I’m dumb

  • Bru is this fake

  • Omg dream why do your mask move

  • bruh why not just censor him lmao this cringy as fuck

    • This is such an innocuous interview, what are you on man?

  • was it tough

  • Part 2 :Dream's face reveal

  • Dream isn’t wearing a mask which is why he is keeping his head still so they can animate a mask

  • Dude he already did face revealing is dannygnzalez

  • Spoil:dream is actually danny gonzalez

    • No

  • Oh guy from smosh man

  • Or anthony my name os same

  • I started to wonder if this was him he hasn’t moved an inch

    • Lloyd it’s animated.