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  • Its the anti toaster

  • Funny guy😂

  • what game is this? looks like cold war but it doesnt have custom maps

  • how can i play this map lol?

  • What game is this I can’t tell if it’s one of the older black ops games or Cold War

  • There summoning mr.beast in the beginning

  • I love all yall videos

  • Something to dispis Ray k pops up 8 time in box and gave me a 1911

  • Black ops 4

  • which cod is this on?


  • Is this a real map?

  • This is like die rise and buried

  • Likes for intro

  • the bosfight was actually pretty lame in my opinion because you are not really fighting the boss by yourself like in outbreak

  • Why does it look so weird

  • his friend sounds like harry Potter

  • i notice that noah is playing the map on black ops 3 but the layout is cold war??

  • How old are you

  • I don’t know if you’ve played Cold War recently but the new boss is fun in outbreak unless you got a ray gun then it’s to easy, it’s called orda

  • Wich COD is this?

  • Lol Wall Street

  • And you make fun of Tim Hanson

  • I’m glad you didn’t leave because I only watch THreds because of you

  • I just watched the King Kong vs. Godzilla movie

  • **start of the video** "HUH HYUH DUN DUN" "He's beginning to believe.."

  • Which cod is this?

  • Where's godzilla

  • Wait this looks like Cold War but it doesn’t look like it explain this

  • Is that cold war

  • What cod was this

  • is that coldwar?

  • I hope Noah has fun recording and doesn’t see recording as a burden

  • What zombies map is this one???


  • anyone else notice how at 2:00 that was a room in die rise bo2 all my ogs will know

  • Pp19bizon

  • Is this Cold War zombies or the OG ZOMBIES

  • It makes me trigger when he looks at his other moditer and he still moves around

  • wait, is this cod cold war?

  • why did my video start on 144p lmaooo

  • I'm getting the whole black ops series for my birthday

  • Chill out 1:29

  • Isn’t there an avatar movie?

  • eating a cheese burger upside down :)


  • Its weird seeing the primis group in the cw engine.

  • Noah says that it was round 200, but I see 3 zeros and a 2 mixed with one of the zeros, wave 2000? Edit: it said 200 at the end, it's just weird that it has 3 zeros.

  • نووا شيعي

  • gucci

  • I mean bo3 custom zombies can’t be beat but Cold War custom zombies... definitely a valid contender.

  • Wolf of Wall Street at the beginning remember that scene yall

  • The game glitched zombies in from of you Noah between 13:18 - 13:34, the game wanted the legend to fall 😂🤦🏽‍♂️

  • When you said "My Hero" you talking about "My Hero Academia"?

  • His it bo4

  • what time is the godzilla fight

  • These custom maps are better than all Cold War maps and Cold War zombies all together

  • Is this bo3 or Cold War

  • im so confused is this cold war or bo3 lmao

  • What COD are they playing this map on?

  • This happened at 19:24 to 19:34 I thought that I should just make a joke out of it so Noah: we need all 4 of us Me: am I an idiot did I always thought that was 3 not 4

  • 12:40

  • Who else was like whenever Noah said “If the game doesn’t end after the boss fight I have a side Easter egg” who else thought he meant end the game😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Anybody else notice how Noah tried to play it cool when milo said interior crocodile alligator? Saying oooh beastie boys when those lyrics are in fact not from one of their songs?

  • Is this modded. Cuz if it is I call absolute bullsh*t on that this map details are f*cking insane. I mean holy sh*t.

  • Your guns stay strong into late rounds... is that thing you have buffed in your settings. Round 12 no pack and it’s mowing those Zambies down. Sheesh!!!

  • It wouldn’t be a video without Mylo going down multiple times. 😆😆😆

  • POV: u thought he was playing alcatraz when u saw the map first

  • Which zombies is this?

  • Time stamp the boss fight

  • Which call of duty zombies is this?

  • waffles is kinda immature af lol

  • Oh shut up

  • how ? which one cod is it ???

  • Yo the hub made me think it was Cold War zombies 😂

  • Wait, does this map use the map layout from black ops 1? Like it looks nearly identical to the mission "numbers"

  • What game is this?

    • @Keenan White bo3

    • Bo3

    • idk i was trying to figure that too

  • I’m so confused is this Cold War or a different cod

  • Is this bo3 but the mod makes it look like Cold War?

  • Noah goated

  • How’d you get on the map

  • what is this map?

  • What is this a pc mod map?

  • Is this a modern warfare map or Cold War?

  • When they actually watch my hero

  • One of Noah’s favourite anime’s is MHA same here

  • is this cold war or bo3

  • is this on cold war or bo3 it looks like cold war but also there's Richthofen, Nikolai, Takeo or Dempsey

  • Dua Lipa wit DaBaby?!?!?!

  • I saw somebody make this map

  • They just had to call him out for doing the w.a.p. Hahaha

  • Imagine your wife walking in and seeing that . @:025 😬👀

  • 38:23 zombie come

  • What map is this

  • Is this cold war?

  • Is this Cold War?

  • What call of Duty is this? And how can i play custom maps?

  • why do i got mixed vibes about this map what game is it from about what the maps name

  • This map gives me die rize vibes

  • The intire time I could not figure out if he was playing bo3 or cold war.