Instant Regret Compilation #7 😂🔥

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Instant Regret compilation

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Video inspired by Roaring clips, Failgag, MemersAreNice, Meme Royale, Shimpy

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  • 0:17 were even is the mfing jack

  • Last girl with the bag out the train had that gas and didn't want to stink out the train car so she left it outside.

  • Ok the cat smelling the toe, what was up with that second hook toe

  • Jerks! Hurt yourselves, leave the dog alone

  • yeah same

  • Hahahahahahahahahahahhahahah


  • 8:37 why is that toe so long

  • "keep that video but also keep your mouth shut"

  • 4:40 May the dude RIP . Salute!

  • 7:17, idk if that's real, sounds like those cartoon farts but it's fun anyway XD

  • The untidy beautician cranially breathe because wing secondly pray for a wise berry. sloppy, tall kick

  • Caution: it's mostly persons of black and yellow color

  • what was that😂😂😂😂😂 i think she farted😂😂😂

  • Women - "Did the jack fall" Random dumb guy - "Uh idk" moral of the story. use a jack ya jackass. xD

  • i love this it just shows' that this generation is nothing but STUPID and this country is going to be left in this stupid generation

  • 07:13 🤣😂

  • 2:16 - Was the minivan honking at the other "idiot" for blocking traffic?

  • 3:36 its confirm that Karma Vesel its not only 2 it actually 3 and jougan on 2 person rightnow Edit : i just fix

  • 4:46😂😂😂😂😂😂😭😭😭😭😭😭😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Best teacher ever! The kids reactions were so cute😆

  • The guy with the camel was epic😂😂😂😂

  • 1:41 is so relatable

  • 7:28 kid looks like shagy from the scooby doo movie

  • 0:11 fingers...😨

  • 7:32 The most honest laugh of the year...

  • "ice dont stop me"

  • BRO "ice dont stop me" MY BOI IN THE FORCES?!?!?! HAHAHA

  • Camels have got to be one of the least threatening animals I've ever seen in my life.

  • 0:07, lucky she didn't lose her finger.

  • 4:41 just wait till you go home 💀

  • the teacher one was so cute and funny

  • 8:20 : *me when my dad asks me to help ~shovel~*

  • 4:10 , how i oh, so, dearly love crazy rich people throwing away money. 🌚🌝

  • Okay .

  • 1:28 “are you okay” like let him finish falling😭😭

  • 7:33 this kid's laugh was the best one. it had me laughing for hours xD

  • 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 "just wait till we get home"..... "oh shit"

  • a bunch of idiots!

  • 4:10 anaa Türk 🇹🇷🇹🇷

  • The camel scene really made me laugh.


  • 1:40 That actually happened to me. Thank God I was on the first floor and there was this overhang below the window. So, the AC survived and no one got hurt. But, you just stand there when it happens like, "That shit did NOT just happen!"

  • 7:12 isn't really like a bad thing I think it's just wholesome especially because they're little kids so I feel like they would kind expect that to be laughed at

  • i don't understand why some women wear makeup i'd rather have my ugly face as is to show people how ugly my face is than hide it via makeup

  • "Did the jack fall?" plot twist lmao there was no jack Dude almost had no finger as well

  • 5:07 man I can understand if it was a man eater or something nice camel

  • The guy with the camels didn't realise it was a double date. And he realised he got the ugly one.

  • Yes. The jack did fall.

  • 2:41 why did the weights bounce???

  • 0:10 fingers: Oh, thanks God

  • Guy making he’s school project bumps he’s head then proceeds to do it whiteout cutting

  • 4:31 4:43 😂😂😂😂

  • 3:12 well you dont need a pound of makeup to look good just be your self

  • 8:00 😂😂😂😂

  • 2:39 never trust of women legs 😂😂😂😂

  • 6:44 was NOT funny. Don't ever interfere with an animal like that because I mean WHY are you touching it at the back? Of course the animal will attack you because you are interfering dude.

  • 😂

  • 4:43 I’m jus ded-

  • Give the bread to the other camel too 🙄

  • 3:55 did he pee in his pants ? 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • 5:43 I know the feeling lmao!

  • lmfao those guys with the camels and bread

  • The 2 guys and the camels lmfaooo 😂😂😂😂 his screams tho

  • 0:50 the ultimate “what da dog doin”

  • 3:11 - 3:40 FFS, just forget about the goddamn stupid make-up and go out without it! Save yourself hundreds of hours a year, hundreds of pounds on stupid products, and get to date guys who don't want a slack-jawed poledancer for a girlfriend.


  • most of them just idiots

  • 5:03 gz with new girlfriends

  • 7:12 and 7:48 oh my fucking god 🤣🤣🤣

  • “Sorry I used to work at dairy queen”

  • 2:25 so this is what Darwin Award Winners do years before they nominated. Not surprised.

  • 1:00 not the best strategy to jump into the water to escape a water animal.

  • In the second clip the women almost lost a finger!

  • Can anyone explain the very first clip please? 0:00 Why would she tip a full cup upside down? And how does her previous employment at "Dairy Queen" explain what happened?

  • 1:41 I hope he didn't kill anyone

  • The guy screaming at the camel LMAOOOOOOOO

  • 0:35 LOLOLs

  • 5:08 why is he so scared, its just camels they barely hurt humans, they mind their own business.

  • This is me when I say something next level dumb and try to save myself

  • What is it with girls taking pics of what they're about to eat? Who the fuck cares?

  • 0:08 Can someone explain this? i don't see a jack? Where is the jack attached? Bei nearly every car behind the wheel on the sill?

  • 4:13 OMG he's my friend from turkey lol ı was here too! XD

  • The lady changing the tire almost lost her fingers that was so close I had to watch that twice

  • Wow! 10 million views!! At 2.16secs where does that footage come from? Where the car drives into the massive flood??

  • The fuck how he changes the tire xD The car isn't even lifeted up ahahahahahha

  • I wonder what they were saying during this hilarious camel feeding

  • 5:14 hey man u could rotate down ur seat by 90° to get rid of the monsters ... commonsense 🙃

  • 4:40 1 like on this comment = 1 prayer for this poor guy

  • The kids!!!

  • 🚙 🐫 🐫

  • The camel part was ..................

  • god 6:13 T-T

  • Camel dudes, and guy @ 8:03. Were my favorites 😅🤣😂!!!


  • 0:10 - Dude almost lost his fingers