Lucky Blocks - Animation vs. Minecraft Shorts Ep 19

เผยแพร่เมื่อ 6 ก.ย. 2020
Based on a very popular mod for Minecraft.

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Check out me reacting to the video on AvG at "Animation vs. Minecraft - Lucky Blocks | AvG Reacts!"

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  • Anyone notice bob the zombie made a zombie villager sound

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  • 7:54 AMOGUS

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  • The problem with lucky blocks is that there is so many lucky blocks that aren’t even mine craft . They are modded . But this stays true to og lucky blocks

  • Their like: OH HECK NO*runs*

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  • Its a bunch of stick figures fighting with pixel weapons, but it feels creepy.

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  • Plot twist: the pig is Technoblade

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  • Has anyone notice the netherite axe down in the corner at 2:52

  • Lucky block: carrot Pig: *goes sicko mode*

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  • alan why can't you use netherite armour next?

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  • 1:34 BOB!!! (That’s his name,I’ve played with lucky blocks in Minecraft before)

  • I love you how to make cute cute drawings hehehe

  • 0:21 obviously, blue has played super mario

  • Myth of Prometheus? :)

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  • Admin

  • When are they going to the Aether

  • Alan becker is the best youtuber that animates that i know

  • That pig is techno blade no way he can fight that good he is techno blade

  • i will never use luckyblocks ever again

  • Imagine if there was a virus that would put these guys in your desktop

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  • 0:19 mario moment

  • Plot twist: red is dream on a manhunt.


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  • 0:20 I think blue thought this was Mario

  • How about astral lucky block

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