Rich Jail vs Broke Jail/ 17 Funny Situations

เผยแพร่เมื่อ 30 เม.ย. 2021
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The Biggest Miser in the World/ 23 Funny Situations:
Even prisons have their own laws and conditions of stay. Watch in our new video funny situations in a rich and broke jail.
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  • If the guy is rich he can just pay to get out

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  • ive never seen someone so happy to be in jail like "SHUT THE DOOR,THANKS!😁" like what the heck

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  • Why does the poor don't get Treated Better But The Rich Can 🧐

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  • If im than man ill pay the police to let me out🤣

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  • I love how the poor one make his own stuff that is what i call creative :)

  • I feel so bad for the poor prisoner

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  • Why arent the comments turned of bc thier is clearly only children in this video

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  • I liked broke bc that’s real jail and rich is not in real jail lol

  • He cleaned his towel tf

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  • It's basically just like being at home!

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  • Shut the verry open door so its not cold ja that maks sense

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  • Why cant the rich pay his debt to be free

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