The Roblox Admin Experience

เผยแพร่เมื่อ 25 มี.ค. 2021
The Roblox Admin Experience with a Roblox Bacon Hair Noob.
..What could possibly go wrong? Watch to find out!

In this video I play Stateview Prison on Roblox. I have admin, using custom admin commands to troll players for funny moments. In the prison I have access to all the free admin commands, being able to escape from jail. I make guards and prisoners fight against each other with guns. I experience many funny moments with other people.

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Stateview Prison:


  • *WAT WAS UR FAVORIT ADMIN COMMAND?* i was laugh so many times while recording this o m g LEAVE A *LIK AND SUBSCRIB* FOR MORE VIDEOS!! *join* DA *SEBEE* server: use pro *star* code: *SEBEE* follow this noob bird: sub 2 friknob: roblox group:

    • DiSAsTer

    • mans made his own script menu

    • Mine is :Nuke All and ;crash all

    • Do tower defense simulater and ask for admin so it will be funny

    • The Lamborghini was mine favorit

  • Seebee In 2020: I'm pro Seebee in 2021: more games

  • I was pretend to be you and someone is a fan

  • Pretend to be you and someone talk hours you

  • 1:50 she disrespecc him now shes in a big trouble

  • F A N T A

  • Uhh b?

  • ‘You ain’t no Sebee sir’ Damn she must be raging right now

  • /pana anananananna PANNNN

  • Awnser is BBbBbBbBb

  • 1 million!

  • Prison war ll

  • The pan

  • sebee:im pro admin random player:no sebee:do not disrespecc

  • he want park tank in police station

  • Sebee taking his main avatar: FaKe Sebee taking a different avatar: SeBeE

  • P A N

  • what game

  • P A N : D

  • What’s the game called

  • I Meet U In Roblox Circus Story Vietnam

  • Pan

  • Yes I have a few things I can beat me up 😃 you got my soul to the devil wears Prada nylon rope for mc it a guy that I can get it at all the top 🔝 a pro to tv without a guy or polearm you are unlucky then I'll get it a little more about the top 🔝 you are unlucky you got a guy that eat

  • Admin

  • 03:30 LMAO 04:53 Those sound effects lol

  • All the dislike is from the police players who play with you lol

  • now this is good roblox content

  • congrats on 1mil subs!

  • A


  • PS: all of them broke the rule except sebee

  • PAN

  • 22_TR must have felt stupid when she saw dis vid 1:47

  • how do you do that?

  • Congratulations on 1 million subs

  • Which is this game please tell me someone reply me please tell Me I really wanted to play that game please tell me please tell the game name please

  • B.) Pan

  • 3:50 pan

  • My favorite command was pan weapon

  • wut kind of game bruh

  • Lol

  • Game name pls

  • Who is here from Kelvin video

  • To this day i am wondering why moflare has more views in his most popular vid and less subs than you

  • 1:06 Sebee told him that he has 30 seconds to run back to gate The guard was like: no Sebee: * G E T S T H E T A N K*


  • 9 min of memes

  • how dare they disrespecc

  • Lamborghini lol


  • how you get admin

  • Game name I Roblox?


  • 5:06 is my fav part what could sound better.

  • Sebee: **spawn tank and P A N** Every other cop: ight ima head out

  • PAN

  • 3:01 PAN

  • 7:33 FANTA

  • Sebee and pan: omea wa my shindieur

  • Я же не один тут русский?

  • Wow noobs most vIewd vedo

  • 7:18 "Se bed stop"

  • can you send your admin panel link i will troll people :D

  • 2:10 AYO IS THAT A LAMBO!?

  • what game name?

  • For Admin

  • You Tell the owner of the game you Tell him

  • 2:59 3:15 I really hate that roblox face 👁️👄👁️, is so ugly, rlly i dont even know how that can exist, that roblox face is so ugly, when i see that face i want to rlly harash that person, idk why but i really hate that roblox face, idk if they are nice or no, i just hate that face Pd: pls i need help idk why i hate that roblox face so much SEND HELP SOS Pd2: the only way i respec that face is when it is used in a funny avatar, like the pepsi or fanta avatars with the humanoid head, that is ok for me...

    • Same also the man face XD

  • 3:49 pan

  • Its funny


  • Ah yes the vid that I discovered the respecc for sebee cuz pro

  • The prison commissioner even said yes

  • This was the first video of yours I saw and now I watch all of your videos and subscribed am pro

  • The magnificent propane concomitantly telephone because mall obviously attack at a scandalous birch. economic, numberless skin

  • how to open admin pro

  • thank you pro

  • F A N T A

  • 3:49 A.)

  • Sebee: what will sebee do A:tank for save B:PAN C: nothing Me:Pan

  • pan to die or you will pan me

  • My favourite admin command was the tank and the pan I see when you ROBLOX can you frend me

  • 94k. Like

  • b

  • "your ain't sebee, sir" she watching the video:;_; i was being disrespec


  • Did he get admin or how did he getthat

  • Sebee uses exploits now??


  • ok yes:V

  • Idk pan?

  • can you make vr Experience

  • Sub to sebee to help him get to 1M subs

  • i want to play :D

  • Sebee: we gonna go for a small drive opens the wall stays at his lamb and drives nowhere

  • what is this game?

  • My favorite command was the pan and tank

  • Cop: tanks are weak Sebee: *spawns a tank a shoots the cop* Sebee: noob get rekt

  • Pan lol

  • No one: Guards: "We control everyone. Even the people." Sebee and Pan: *"What u say noob?"*