Why You Couldn’t Afford To Fly Concorde

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Concorde was the world’s most iconic airliner and one of the most technically ambitious projects in aviation history. Billions were spent on its development over a span of more than a decade. When the Concorde program was launched, it was to be the next giant leap forward in air travel. Many believed that mass supersonic commercial air travel would be commonplace by the end of the 1970s.
By the early 1960s, both the British and French had come up with early designs for supersonic airliners. As both efforts moved toward the prototype phase, it increasingly made sense for the two countries to work together to shoulder development costs and the immense technical hurdles. Britain and France formally partnered to launch the Concorde program by signing a treaty in 1962.
Thousands of the brightest French and British engineers were dedicated to making supersonic air travel a reality. By 1963, mockups of Concorde were already capturing the world’s imagination and dazzling the press. Airlines soon placed orders for more than 70 Concordes. Orders were expected to grow to at least 200 by 1975. The Soviet Union responded with the development of their own supersonic airliner and the United States launched the Supersonic Transport program.
However, by the early 1970s, the prospect of mass supersonic travel began to fade. Concorde would enter commercial service in the mid-to-late 1970s, just as the price of oil began to skyrocket. Concorde burned nearly four times more fuel than even a first generation jetliner. Like all supersonic aircraft, Concorde generated sonic booms. Public tolerance for sonic booms had been underestimated, and as countries started banning supersonic flights over their airspace, limited route options made Concorde less appealing to airlines. By the end of 1973, nearly every airline cancelled their options. All the while, Concorde’s development costs had ballooned to more than ten times original estimates.
British Airways and Air France were ultimately the only airlines to put Concordes into service, taking delivery of just a handful of aircraft each. The two airlines would eventually turn a profit by branding Concorde as an ultra-exclusive way to travel. Ticket prices were set as high as $12,000 for a London to New York round trip for the elite few who could afford the price of flying supersonic. While the prospect of mass supersonic travel never arrived, Concorde earned a legacy as an engineering marvel and symbol of pride for the British and French until it's retirement in 2003.
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    • The noise issue of the Concorde was addressed by Pierre Cochereau (1924-1984), the late organist of Notre Dame Cathedral, as he barred American guest artists for years on the ground that up close, the organ was louder than the Concorde and thus too much for their sensitive ears !! It is said his op-ed to the New York Times espousing this had a role in permitting the Concorde to land in the US.

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  • "concorde could hurt the environment" biggest laugh ever... this sounds like a made up reason by the detractors... everything we do ruins the environment, so tell me how this thing in particular hurts more than another jet liner

  • Karens protest over big boom plane

  • 5:43 ahh yes. The Droop Snoot.

  • Yes, Americans do have a negative reputation of looking down at other countries. But surely, in this case, their complain about the Concorde was not pride, wasn’t it? Some European countries also banned supersonic flights within their territories.

  • But why couldn’t I fly it? That’s not that high of a cost. My jet costs way more!

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  • There is a typo at 1:48. The year is listed as 1949, but it was 1959 that Mosolov flew the record.

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  • I never was in a concorde but had the luck to get in a TU 144 (not while it was flying of course more as a museum piece?


  • Soviet Concorde Tu-144 was much better than the crappy European concorde

    • Nah, Tu-144 is worse Even it left service 8 month after the introduction

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  • Back in 1994 I transferred to the intelligence trade in the military, one conversation I sat through was watching an old int operator make what sounded like an outrageous idea he said “the Concorde is great until someone decides to hijack her” when I watched the twin tower strike it immediately made me reflect on his outrageous comment 7 years prior?....

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  • Concorde cruises without afterburneres.

  • i never got to fly concord because i wasn’t born yet

  • I actually went to see one of the retired Concorde, it was a very unique experience! It was so tall and it was very aerodynamic, (the one I saw was the union fleet air museum)

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  • I was on a plane at Dulles airport in Virginia and saw two Concords just ahead of us out my window on the ground taxiing. That is the closest I got to being on a Concorde.

  • by the time I had enough money to book a flight, they grounded the fleet. I really wanted to go supersonic. Just another lesson in don't wait too long for things before you go do them

  • Where's the TU-144 concrode?

  • i like the intro with the planes

  • I’d argue that the most ambitious air project of the century was actually the first air project ever

  • Please a video for Hawker Siddeley Trident and the VC-10!

  • Concorde might be a failure but I m proud of the creation of it

  • don't be daft the 2707 would have melted long before it got to mach 3 boeing were pretty useless at high supersonic flight the US government should have got Lockheed with it's SR71 experience to build a supersonic Airliner perhsps not opting forvthe massivecweightbof a seing eing system may not funnily. enough there was only one deadly accident which grounded the concorde inlike the B737 which has consistently crashed into the ground after a bertical dive the Max 8 Angle ofcAttacknsrnsor defect is the latest in a long listvof reasonscwhy the boeing B737 should have been grounded in the 1960s

    • The Boeing 737 series is the most successful jet airliner in history...

    • WOW! Do live in a cave? Guess you never heard of the the X-15 or the Valkyrie??? The Valkyrie flew nearly 5 years before the Concorde and was 700mph faster!

  • Those people pay 9,000 they never made it

  • The Concorde was profitable FROM DAY ONE as the airlines didn't have to pay for them. Or well they did but a single pound sterling for a single plane. ALSO Concorde was the best plane and it had definitely lived AND STILL LIVES Concorde manipulated air travel so much more than most the other planes combined. It is still the future and I don't mean the useless American models I mean THE Concorde and OUR Concorde.

    • @Sander Van der Kammen you idiot

    • Concorde was the biggest financial blunder until the Airbus A380...

  • Britain and france competing for the technology victory or something

  • We should have use Concorde as supersonic ballistic missile carrier and ballistic missiles bomber like the b-52 stratofortess

    • By the time the Concorde took to the air Mach 2+ military aircraft were rendered obsolete by missles.

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  • Commercial air travel has basically stalled, the rapid progress we saw from the early to mid 20th century from the Wright Bros to the jet engine within 30 years was the golden age. 737 and 747's are relics from the 60's, there's been little to no innovation other than improving fuel economy. Same with airbus, which has equally shown little innovation and progress. Supersonic jet travel should be the norm now, but we seem to be stepping back in time.

  • The Brits have the highest national currency on the planet out of all the major nations. All the other nations have inferior currency. If you were not using British Pounds, or Euros, your really could not fly the Concorde without a lot of currency.

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  • Lol my parents flew on it when it was super popular and Michael Jackson was on it

  • And Americans couldnt build one so they banned it.

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  • Aviation took a big step backwards when commercial aviation went back to slower than the speed of sound.


  • they need to bring this back imo but we might need things to reduce the force it would put on passengers so until then i guess

  • Emirates r bringing back concorde in 2023, even tho i really dont trust this technology... also just to let you guys know, concorde retired because airfrances concorde crashed minutes from takeoff.

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  • so they sacrificed fuel for flight hours? As if they had access to infinity fuel

  • I used to love hearing Concord coming in to land, flying over Teddington set to land at Heathrow at 4pm

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  • I can remember going to Dulles Airport and watching the Concord take off and land. I was always so facilitated by how the nose pivoted. Always wanted to fly on one as well just so I could say I’ve been supersonic lol. Such a cool plane.

  • mustve been a cool experience to get to ride in one while they operated

  • My grandparents used to take the Concorde every opportunity they got, i think they went to Europe via Concorde something like 30 times

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  • we started at piston/propeler aircraft then we went on to jets, then we went on to supersinic, then we went back to jets. Does that mean were going back to piston engine powerd aircraft?

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  • "Right at the edge of space"? - 60.000ft aka 18.3km versus the Kármán line at 100km. So 20% of the way to space, not quite 'right at the edge of space'.

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