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Welcome to TASTE - NAL channel, where I share and update the best songs about hot topics such as Soundtrack, Remixes songs, Relaxing and Study.
Sometimes I feel new melody in my life and remain yourself to keep my heart in place.
Enjoy! I really hope you like them.
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  • 0:00 At My Worst 3:02 Memories 6:11 Paris 8:31 2002 11:41 As long as you love me 15:11 Lighters 18:45 Friends 22:15 Work 25:39 Mood 28:07 Blinding lights 31:20 Savage love 34:09 Save your tears 37:50 Wolves 40:42 Symphony 43:10 Position 45:16 Therefore I am 47:16 Love scenario 50:45 Drivers lighters 54:21 Right now na na 57:07 Play D ate 1:00:05 Anyone 1:02:54 Afterglow 1:06:01 Don't start now 1:09:00 Stuck with u

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  • Lovely song like my man .He always collect them and send it to me .My love for you never stop until I get so old.I love you honey💗

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  • Soo love these songs.. Thanx guys for providing them for us.. 😍😍

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  • Could you give the name of Lighters version, really good :D Thank you very much.

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